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We develop quality maritime projects applying innovative approaches, permanently monitor changes in conventions, laws, rules and regulations in order to keep abreast of the industry standards

Support Marine

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The maritime and transport industry is unique, a complex field that requires experience and highly specialized technical knowledge.

Support Marine

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We offer full inspection services of Ports / Terminals / Ships, in addition to sale and installation of equipment of port infrastructure.

Support Marine Group establishes, for the existing need in the national market of a reliable company in the maritime consulting area, as well as in the design, planning and execution of studies and projects related to the maritime field and the construction of maritime and port facilities, focusing on its experience in

providing business solutions adapted to their customers.

The maritime and transport industry is unique, a complex field that requires experience and highly specialized technical knowledge.

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We devide our services in 2 service groups as you can see below:

Ships Survey / Audit

Draft Survey is carried out on bulk shipments, and is an accepted means of determination of cargo loaded or discharged from a vessel, forming the basis for which commercial documents and payment are transacted.

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Design / Construction

Support Marine is proud to offer our clients industry-leading solutions and assistance, as well as design and management services. due to the specialized nature of maritime projects, design/ Construction is used to deliver port constructions, breakwaters, jetties, buoys, quay walls and terminals. These projects have become increasingly important over the years, especially in private sector markets due to new regulation and technology.

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We have 25 years experience in Support Marine Services

Is a U.S. based company providing Marine Operation services.

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Our case study

Please check below case studies of services we offer as Support Marine Group

Port and Terminal Safety and Security Inspection (ISPS / PFSP)

SERVICE DELIVERED The ports and terminals can be turned into a security nightmare with multiple...

On / Off Hire Surveys

SERVICE DELIVERED Attend on board to determine the number of bunkers on board at commencement or...

P & I / Insurance / Loss & Damage

SERVICE DELIVERED Reporting and investigation services on behalf of insurance companies or cargo...

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